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Adam Christensen, Monica Espinosa, Anneke Kampman, Erica Scourti


Co-curated with Ned McConnell.


Pump House Gallery, London


25 April – 8 July 2018


Adam Christensen, Oh-no, A-hole, curtains with metal rails (hand sewn linen and cotton), 2018

We Are Having a Little Flirt











In flirtation you never know whether the beginning of the love story, the start of the relationship, the initiation of the sexual interaction, will be the end. Flirtation creates a way of manipulating wishes, of feeding desires and playing with time. By keeping the future and its possibilities open, it creates a space for deferral, a hole for contingency. Flirtation produces a mixture of pleasure and frustration, a combination of excitement and disappointment. By means of ‘little’ gestures of enchantment and flattering, it teases our everyday life experiences, and suspends certainty and doubt. It eroticizes the ambiguity of our daily lives.


In his book On Flirtation, theorist and psychoanalyst Adam Phillips investigates the relationship of flirtation and contingency. According to him, the accident or unintended, gives access to unavailable thoughts and desires. Flirtation creates disowned intentions, and provokes the forbidden. Flirting implies taking risks, and plotting illicit possibilities; it is a game of playing with chance; of finding limits and challenging them; often accompanied by hesitation, excitement and adrenaline. Flirtation has the capacity to generate an uncertain and intermediary estate of being and non-being.