Mauricio Alejo, Jordan Baseman, Clemencia Echeverri, Patrick Goddard, María José Sesma, Richard Hards, Laure Prouvost, Oswaldo Ruiz.




Image courtesy of Laure Prouvost,

and LUX. It, Heat, Hit. 2010, video still.



Art and violence are the simultaneous two-sharp-cuts produced by a two-edge knife. This programme gathers a selection

of video-works from artists coming from different geographies, but sharing similar concerns. With subtle implications and powerful effects, these videos provoke an approach towards the elusiveness of meaning, the human condition in relationto belief and devotion, darkens and visibility, and damage with its reciprocal effect into repair. They offer an insight into the relationship between power and politics, the ridiculous and absurd; and an observation of cultural and social modes of authority, and structural violence.


In his speeches, Martin Luther King said that violence begets violence, hatred brings a greater hatred. Art cannot heal any damage, sometimes it opens old wounds, it brings out thoughts that make us feel unwell. Art can challenge violence, art can re-present violence, art can also provoke violence or art can be violent. But at the end, art conceals violence with its inherent aesthetic veil. Hence the title ‘Cuts to Violence’: video pieces, images and sounds that confront violence in a hurtful and aesthetic, harsh and seductive double-edge way.

Cuts to Violence





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Fuso, Lisbon, Claustro do Museu Nacional de História Natural, 28 August 2015