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Patricia Dominguez, Love Enqvist, Gaia Fugazza, Dominic Hawgood, Mary Hurrell, Mariana Madgaleno, Carlos Santos, Julia Varela


Yamakiwa Gallery, Niigata, Japan


9 July, 9 August 2018


Gaia Fugazza, Trinity Panther, 2016

Carved natural rubber, chalk; 144 x 100 cm

By Indirections Find Directions Out



Research trip, exhibition and workshops


Invited artist: Mary Hurrell

Supported by Yuri Fukushima




The theoretical framework combines two notions of time: the first one, which is defined by the conditions of Yamakiwa Art-Hotel, understood as a temporal and nomadic establishment, or a place where people come and go in journeys

on a short-term basis. And the second notion of time, which is outlined by the Echigo-Tsumari region, defined by its

permanent and sedentary condition, distinct by its nature, history and culture: a long-term temporary dependency.


The project seek to point out temporal and geographical juxtapositions; experiences of anachronism, moments of synchronicity.

It alludes to the changes and alterations of the messages that art contains, stores and transmit to us: how they travel and transform through time. The idea is to investigate the multidirectional experience of time and the transferals of energy

in the encounter with art.